Watersport & TNG

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Watersport & TNG

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A watch for adventurous people

Those with a taste of adventure, live every second now: before the start – at the finish – and in between! TNG Swiss Watches stands in for innovation, durability and faultless precision. All the watches are Swiss-made and their development has been contributed by international sportsmen, performing at the highest levels.


Reliable timekeeping in demanding conditions

TNG Swiss Watches are specially designed and manufactured to keep time in the most demanding circumstances where sportsmen may challenge the elements. In circumstances of changing temperatures, salt water spray at high speeds, high frequency of shocks, sportsmen must rely on the resistance and precise functioning of their time indicator.


Timekeeper of sportsmen and major international sports events

International sportsmen and athletes recommend TNG watches because of it’s reliability, and the sophisticated functions that TNG watches bring in favour of their goals: winning!

Not only as a timekeeper for individual sportsmen, but also as Official Timekeeper for several international sports events, TNG Swiss watches established its reputation world wide.


Eye catching and a fine piece of jewelry

And not only the durability and functionality are unique propositions that TNG watches offer you. All product lines in the collection have a large variety of colours of bezels, and different types and colours of the dial plate. With a TNG watch, you will always be seen, because of it’s design as a fine piece of jewelry.

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