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TACK & GYBE International BV

Postbus 59,
2050 AB Overveen.
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)85 301 89 01  E. info@tngwatches.com


TNG World Class Service

If you need any help with the purchase of your first TNG watch, or you have any problems in the experience of being the owner of a TNG watch, never hesitate to contact us. Send us an email or give us a call.

T: +31 (0)85 301 89 01  E. info@tngwatches.com

TNG Service and Repair Center
Zijtak OZ 15
7833 AL  Nieuw Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T. +31 (0)85 301 89 02  E. service@tngwatches.com

Opening hours : on appointment only


Your TNG watch is guaranteed for a period of two years starting on purchase date, covering all manufacturing defects during regular use as stated in following terms:

  • Tack & Gybe international B.V. will replace free of charge any defective component due to a manufacturing error, duly noted by our technical services.
  • Your watch is under warranty for a period of two years from the date on the Warranty Certificate, signed and stamped by an authorized TNG Retailer.
  • The Tack & Gybe International Warranty covers a TNG wristwatch purchased anywhere in the world from an authorized TNG Retailer and will be honored by every authorized TNG Retailer.
  • Both the reference and the individual registration numbers of the TNG watch must be written on the certificate.
  • Any servicing or repair work to your TNG watch must be carried out by a Tack & Gybe international B.V. approved service and repair center only or the International Warranty is no longer valid.
  • The International Warranty does not cover theft, loss or acts of God, or the consequences of natural disasters, damage resulting from accidents (shocks, knocks, dents, crushing, etc.)


Extra 1 year warranty:

The regular 2 year warranty is valid only for wristwatches accompanied by the guarantee certificate duly signed, dated and stamped by the authorized TNG Retailer. As we are convinced in the high quality of our watches we offer a free extra year of warranty, after registering your watch. So a total of 3 years international warranty after registration.

We ask you to register your watch within 60 days of purchase via this link: register your watch

Even after 60 days, please proceed to register. The present International Warranty does not in any way cancel, restrict or otherwise affect any legally recognized consumer rights or privileges in the country of purchase of your TNG watch.


TNG Swiss Watches was founded in 1998 in the Netherlands, a country well known for it’s Dutch Design, innovative technology and water sports.